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Transmission or Gearbox. Same thing really.

The transmission is probably one of the most complicated components in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s transmission is probably one of its most complicated components. Its nickname, the “gearbox”, comes from its metal case which houses a series of gears. To power your vehicle, the transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It is responsible […]

DSG Mechatronics failure – Video

audi mechatronics

Probably the nr 1 reason for mechatronic failures.   Here is a quick explanation of one of the more common DSG Mechatronics failures. Mechatronic failure is a common problem of the S-Tronic and Dsg gearboxes in VW and Audi vehicles. Heres why.. Trust the #specialists to keep you going. Vag Spec Centre Menlyn is a […]

Expert advice: Dsg & S-Tronic Mechatronic failures

Volkswagen dsg gearbox

If you are a VW or Audi owner then you are familiar with the two names DSG and S-Tronic.  Both these transmissions have made a name for themselves in the last 8 to maybe 10 years. They are super smooth and changes gears extremely fast. In fact so fast that some reckon they are faster […]